Native Owned, Values Driven

Wenaha Group is a Native American-owned Owner's Representative, Construction Management & Consulting Firm that specializes in education, tribal, public agency, housing and healthcare projects. We serve clients and their communities across the United States.

Guiding Principles

Our Guiding Principles are inspired by the 13 structural support poles of a Columbia River basin style tipi. We infuse these principles into the foundation of every project; an integral part of our team’s ethical ecosystem, personally and professionally.

  • The value of COMMUNITY
  • The potential of RESPECT
  • The dignity of SIMPLICITY
  • The strength of DIVERSITY
  • The wisdom of ECONOMY
  • The influence of HUMILITY
  • The importance of BALANCE
  • The joy of CREATING
  • The power of COLLABORATION
  • The success of PERSEVERANCE
  • The satisfaction of HARD WORK
  • The worth of strong CHARACTER
  • The necessity of TRANSPARENCY
Illustration: Wenaha tipi